Sandy Point is proud to bring to you Isla Tesoro, which will be located 4 miles north of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. At Isla Tesoro each of the floor plans will offer a unique lock off design. This means that if you own Unit 213 ABD a 3 bedroom unit, each of the units have the ability to be locked off and rented separate as a hotel room. The result of this layout is exceptionally more cash flow than previously…why? Because now you have the potential of renting out what would have been stalemate income space into extra cash flow. Each hotel unit will have its own entrance and its own balcony. If you decide you would like to use your unit as a large 3 bedroom you can but if you would like to have them rented out as hotel rooms when you are not using each room you can do that as well! Yes this is taking the lifestyle investment and the cash flow investment and making it the best of both worlds!

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