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Mozart from Atlanta: Buying Property in Belize with The Paradise Guy

Hey Everyone, It’s William Narod, The Paradise Guy, on Ambergris Caye with my client Mozart. Hear why he believes everyone should work with me when purchasing real estate in Belize. If you have any questions about Belize real estate or any other topic I have covered in my past videos, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your dreams in the beautiful country of Belize. Cheers!

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Here is an excerpt of what was said in this video.

“Hey everybody its William Narod here, the Paradise Guy. We’re here on a beautiful rainy day on Ambergris Caye which, is not something I’ve shown you a lot in my videos. So this is what it looks like on a cloudy day and I hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we’re enjoying it but more importantly, we’re here with some clients today. I’m here with my buddy named Mozart. He is from Atlanta Georgia, isn’t that correct sir? Yes, Sir. And we’re in town and we’re looking at a lot of different properties. We’re trying to make a decision on where they want to invest here in Belize and I thought it might be a great time for you to hear from one of my clients on what the value they’ve experienced in working with me and how it’s helping them make whatever decision they decide to make on the island.”

“It’s been priceless. Belize is a beautiful country, beautiful Island, beautiful people. Mr. Narod has been incredible. He’s been showing us around, giving us a lot of details. Explaining a lot of hurdles we can avoid. You really need to talk to this guy. So many beautiful people, its just been such a wonderful experience. This is my second time in Belize, and I don’t want to leave.”

“So what we’re doing today is, we’re out actually touring the island to take a look at the various properties that exist out there that meet his particular investment objectives. When you come here to the island and you’re interested in investing, the first thing I want to do is take you around and show you the islands so that you understand what the opportunities are, what the different price points are, and how I can help you meet whatever objectives you have for your investment portfolio. So with that, I’d like to just say thank you and welcome to my new friend Mozart and all of his associates. We look forward to doing some great things here. Everybody, with that, my name is William Narod. As always, it’s my privilege and pleasure to introduce this information to you. I look forward to seeing you when you come to Belize. Thank you so much! Cheers!!”


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